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ONZE MONTRÉAL originating from a local boutique located in the Le Plateau Mont-Royal district of Montréal, where the sum of its civic numbers equaled 11, or "ONZE" in French. The journey began in 2014 and it continues to evolve with the collective effort of all those who have walked through our doors, contributing to the narrative of our story.

The Annick brand

At the heart of ONZE MONTRÉAL lies our private label, Annick Brand. ‘’The Annick Label is our brand. Named after my grandmother, who was an example of great strength, femininity and a source of inspiration’’ Annie , Creative Director. Smart & Pretty designs is what makes us successful. The strength of our collections are dresses, characterized by their Quality and Accessibility, designed for real women of all shapes and sizes.

We pride ourselves on bringing you flattering designs, catering to those who seek a casual ‘wow’ factor in their wardrobe – clothes that make you feel feminine, beautiful, and comfortably confident every day. We make sure to fully control our production with carefully select manufacturers who advocate work ethic, and ensure a thorough inspection of our production. Our online boutique takes pride in maintaining an impressively low return rate, due to our meticulous efforts placed in producing the styles. We are fit obsessed and have a certain element of forgiving attributes to ensure flattering styles for all.

Our company is powered by women who are committed to making fashion accessible and enjoyable for all - regardless of their age or silhouette. We firmly believe that all women are beautiful and deserve to feel comfortably confident in their clothing every day. We do our best to respond to diversity by offering sizes ranging from XS to 3X.

ONZE MONTREAL also offers Canadian and International collections of Apparel, Accessories, Handbags & Jewellery, discovered and brought to you from around the world.


If you want to change the future, you have to start with the present. All children deserve to feel loved, safe and healthy. Ensuring that no child goes hungry is essential to us.Therefore in 2019, we launched our charity "Avenir" to provide help to malnourished children in the Montreal region. We hope to see it grow and extend beyond our borders.

We donate 1% of all our sales at regular prices to AVENIR. In recent years, we have made donations equivalent to more than $60,000 in cash and merchandise to establishments such as Le Chaînon, Renaissance and Mission Incluse, Breakfast Club Of Canada along with many more smaller organizations.


Sustainability and Environmental responsibility are at the forefront of everyone’s mind at Annick Group & ONZE. Recycling and sustainability have been embedded within the company ethos since our launch in 2014. From simple tasks such as recycling 100% of our papers and cardboard waste from our offices to be using scraps of papers instead of posted notes to our continued charitable donation program that has seen an estimate of a few hundred garments donated each year.  We only work with manufacturers that are carefully vetted to ensure they comply with laws and regulations pertaining to the protection and preservation of the environment including their local environment and these manufacturers are annually audited and checked allowing us to remain confident that they're continuing to meet these expectations. With our Annick label collection, 67% of all our garments are suitable for cool machine washes and encourage hand washing on our labels, which reduces the carbon footprint of our clothing during their lifetime. We introduced lower impact garment care labels and recommendations on our care labels, in order to advise customers to use cool wash settings rather than the higher energy consumption hot wash settings.