ONZE MONTRÉAL was born in 2014, in a small shop in Le Plateau Mont-Royal district, where the sum of its civic numbers equalled 11, ONZE in French. Our adventure begins with Annie & Jerry and continues with all those who have walked through our doors to help us write it. "After a career as a designer in the fashion industry for different brands, I chose to develop my personal vision of clothing for all women. Accessible, Exclusive, Inclusive clothing collections that caters to women from XS to 3XL.Versatility is at the core of our collections, focusing on styles that will bring you from work to a 5 à 7, onto your weekend in beauty." The challenge is to offer the same style to all - regardless of silhouette or age- by offering pieces that fit life. Our focus is on cuts that will flatter ensuring the best quality possible for the best price possible.

‘’The Annick label is our house brand. Named after my grandmother, who was an example of great strenght, femininity and a source of inspiration’’ Annie , Creative Director

Style never goes out of fashion. We pride ourselves on bringing you great quality and fit, ensuring timeless styles without breaking the bank. We make sure to fully control our production with carefully select manufacturers who advocate work ethic, and ensure a thorough inspection of quality and exclusivity.

Our online boutique has a very low percentage of return rate because of all the work placed in creating our styles. We are fit obsessed and have a certain element of forgiving attributes to ensure great fit and comfort for all silhouettes.

All women are beautiful and deserve to feel good in the clothes they wear every day. We do our best to respond to diversity by offering sizes ranging from XS to 3X.


ONZE MONTREAL also offers Canadian and International collections of Apparel, Accessories, Bags, Jewellery and Home decor discovered and brought to you from around the world.


If you want to change the future, you have to start with the present. All children deserve to feel loved, safe and healthy. Ensuring that no child goes hungry is essential to us.Therefore in 2019, we launched our charity "Avenir" to provide help to malnourished children in the Montreal region. We hope to see it grow and extend beyond our borders.

We donate 1% of all our sales at regular prices to AVENIR. In recent years, we have made donations equivalent to more than $50,000 in cash and merchandise to establishments such as Le Chaînon, Renaissance and Mission Incluse along with many smaller organisations.