Gretchen Sweater Poncho Short Sleeves

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The turtle neck is removable and can be worn without the high rolled neckline

Like a timeless masterpiece, this sweater/Poncho comes in two hues, either profound Black or warm Beige, offering a choice that transcends style.

Its soft fabric caresses the skin with a tender touch, a gentle reminder of the finer things in life. Graceful in length, it sways gracefully to a high-low curved hemline, an exquisite dance that captures attention. The captivating Turtle neckline envelops the wearer, framing the visage in a captivating allure. Short cap sleeves add a touch of chic charm, while the ribbed softest yarn enhances the sweater's allure with its subtle texture. Effortlessly wearable, it passes overhead, ensuring an effortless donning experience. The interplay of Beige and Black at the neckline is a subtle stroke of artistry, a nod to modern aesthetics. A harmonious fusion of luxury and style, this sweater is an ode to timeless beauty and contemporary allure, an ensemble that leaves a lasting impression on all who behold it.

Characteristics :

Please note: Size tabs at neck state only S=(XS/S) - M=(M/L) - L=(XL/1X)

  • Turtle neck is removable
  • Fabric: 100% Acrylic
  • Color : Black or Beige
  • Length : 30.5"
  • Poncho short sleeves
  • Soft fabric
  • Model: 5'7'', wear Small
  • Turtle neckline
  • Ribbed softest yarn
  • High-low curved hemline
  • Side Button
  • Beige and black neckline 
  • Short cap sleeves
  • Passes overhead
  • Trendy sweater 2023