Fashion Trends in 2019

janvier 21 2019 – Annie Vanlian

Fashion Trends in 2019


As we come to the end of another great year, new fashion trends for 2019 are starting to reveal themselves. Since we’re already in the heart of the winter season, fashions for cold, snowy, slushy weather are still de rigeur -- mixed with the standard fashion items we always need. Let's look at some beautiful styles that are emerging and be fashion-forward in 2019!



The Big Picture

Comfort: Clothing this winter is made of comfortable, heavier material with some amount of spandex for stretch and comfort. The general trend is to wear clothing that is flexible, fits well, and is somewhat “dialed-down.” The key is that the items you choose remain colourful and exciting! Accessories are also somewhat understated this season. Although they remain a must-have, the current trend is towards simple (not large or garish) accessories. That said, if you can rock a big earring and that is your personal style, go for it!