Elevate Your Fashion Style with a Beret: How to Wear It

février 26 2019 – Annie V

Elevate Your Fashion Style with a Beret: How to Wear It
Elevate Your Fashion Style with a Beret: How to Wear It

The beret is an iconic piece of fashion wear with a rich history. Starting as the chapeau of choice for European nobility and artists (like Rembrandt), it became a badge of the working class. Later it evolved into a symbol of the French resistance against the Nazis. Today, it is a dynamic fashion statement flaunted by world-renowned celebrities and trendsetters like Beyoncé, Meghan Markle, Rihanna, and Kendall Jenner. In 2019, the beret remains a fashion trend of the year. Elevate your fashion game; learn the proper way to wear a beret.

Look great and and show off your sense of style. Explore the various looks and combinations you can create with this versatile piece of headwear.

Positioning and Styling Your Beret

Positioning and Styling Your Beret

Wearing a beret may look effortless. In reality, it requires some thought. To successfully achieve the look you desire, you first need to know how to place a beret on your head properly.

  • Wear the beret so it covers a small portion of your forehead, a little below your hairline. Pull the back portion so the rim reaches the top of the nape of the neck.
    • Hide the brim. The brim is small and designed to hold the beret in place. Unlike other hats, it is not meant to be seen. Tuck it under the fabric so it’s out of sight.
      • Tilt the beret to one side. One side should hover a little over your eyebrow and sit comfortably above your ear. As an alternative, you can tilt it even further so it goes over an ear. Adjust it to your desired look.
      • Fluff it up. Pull the top of the beret gently. This keeps it from looking flat.
      • Wear your hair down. Wearing high hairstyles (like a bun or a high ponytail) will distort the shape of the beret and make it impossible to keep in place. Allow hair to flow freely along the sides of your face to add drama. Alternatively, you can wear a low-hanging ponytail or braids. Straight, wavy, or slightly curled hair looks glamorous under a beret without it sliding out of place.
      • Keep the beret in place with bobby pins if it’s too big or if you have thick and/or curly hair. Berets sometimes slide easily; your polished look will be altered if the hat is not properly secured. The number of pins you need depends on the thickness of your hair.

      Selecting the Material

      A Beret for Every Day: Selecting the Material

      Although a simple solid-coloured beret can be used with a range of outfits, certain textures and fabrics are preferable for particular looks and circumstances.

      • Cotton - Cotton is a comfortable and breezy fabric that’s perfect for everyday casual wear.
      • Leather - Leather is an upscale choice that goes well with designer outfits, a classic outfit, or modern look.
      • Lined - Don’t let cold weather keep you from expressing your sense of style. Select a lined beret to keep your head warm while you battle the chill of fall, winter, or early spring.


      Mix and Match

      Berets come in a variety of colours and textures -- each adding its own distinct appeal to your outfit. Discovering the perfect combination is up to your personal preferences and taste. That doesn’t mean we can’t give you a little nudge in the right direction... Here are a few tried and true options to help you get started:

      • The Class Act

      For a more versatile item you can wear with any ensemble, go for the classic black or grey beret. Other great options that can easily match multiple outfits are quiet beige or striking red.

      • Casual Comfort

      Casual Comfort

      Transform your everyday outfits with a simple cotton beret. Pair it with a sweater or loose-fitting clothes. This headwear also goes well with sneakers or flats — and can easily complement your jeans.

      • Love It Layered

      Layers are a bold fashion statement that screams “fearless.” Don’t hold back. Put on a beret to complement a blazer, jacket, or trench coat. This look also works well with a turtleneck under your top layer.

      • Dress It Up

      For a classy, feminine look, wear a beret with a dress. Whether you’re donning floral prints or stark solids, a beret can turn the simplest dress into a catwalk-worthy ensemble. Select flats to complete the outfit, or add heels to appear more upscale.

      • “Femme Fatale”

      Pull off the “bad girl” or “tough chick” image with a bit of leather, some black, and a stylish pair of boots. After all, what goes better with a black leather jacket than a black beret?

      • Mod Magic

      Go mod with a sleek, tailored outfit for the modern, city look. Accessorize with a beret in neutral colours.

      • Make It Pop

      Match bold, eye-catching colours with dark, subdued ones. Balance your bright neon blouse with a black beret, or use a brightly coloured topper to add a pop of colour to your black outfit. Experiment with colours and maybe you can come up with unexpected combinations that suit you. You can also refer to colour palettes to select complementary shades.

      • No Stress with Stripes

      Casual Comfort

      Turn the Parisian look up a notch by wearing striped blouses or dresses with a beret. Mix and match colours as you see fit, but a black and white stripes contrasted by a red beret is a match made in heaven. A navy blue or forest green beret will also do well with black and white stripes.

      • Playing with Plaid

      Stripes look lovely with a a solid-coloured beret; pair up plaids with one.  

      • Polka Dotted Dream

      It doesn't matter whether you're wearing a red blouse or dress or grey and white polka dots. These outfits look divine with a grey leather beret.

      The choices are endless. All you have to do is trust your fashion instincts. Go with your own comfortable style and get gradually more adventurous. Soon you’ll be trying out combinations outside your comfort zone. For whatever look you choose, know that a beret will elevated your appearance.

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