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Casual Wear for Super Comfort

Onze Montreal brings you feminine and elegant style without compromising on comfort. From using quality fabrics to cutting the right silhouettes and making sure you get the perfect fit, comfort always comes first for us. We take great pain to design every single one of our casual dresses, cardigans, tops, jumpsuits and more for optimum comfort.

We believe that style is meaningless without comfort. Our design philosophy is guided by comfort, timelessness, femininity, and quality. Our casual dresses for women are designed for practical movement and are stretchable. Our simple yet refined casual clothing exudes minimalist elegance and grace so that you can go about your day in style.

Rock the Relaxed Look

Whether you want a business casual look or would like to spend a day soaking up the sun in a lovely sundress, Onze Montreal's beautiful creations make it one of the best shopping destinations for women's clothing online. Go ahead and relax in our casual dresses for women and our off-duty styles that are easy, breezy and fun.  If you are looking for everyday wear that is effortless and incredibly practical, we have got you covered.

Our styles are designed keeping eternally trendy looks and timeless fashion icons in mind. In addition to our stunning collection of casual dresses for women, we stock a range of essentials that are a must-have in every wardrobe like versatile cardigans, pretty blouses, breezy dresses and more. Fashion may come and go but our clothes are sure to last you through several fashion cycles. 

We Make Everyday Clothing Fun

Who says daily wear has to be boring? At Onze Montreal, we add a dash of fun and personality to every clothing item we design, without compromising on practicality and functionality. From fun and quirky designs to eternal classics, we have it all. We stock the most versatile women's clothing online and our commitment to elegance, comfort, and versatility makes us one of the best online shopping sites for women's clothing in Montreal.


From chic accessories like hats and scarves to essentials like blouses and sweaters, our clothes are defined by their graceful femininity and practicality. While other retailers continue to ignore these aspects, we prioritize them. We focus on making clothing that you will love wearing day in and day out. Shop online now at Onze Montreal to find the best women's clothing online that you will want to wear forever.