ONZE MONTRÉAL - Our Philosophy

January 03 2019 – Annie Vanlian

We love versatility and we think of it all.  When we create our collections, we always think of our customers first.  We want you to get the most out of your purchase and so we design styles that can be easily worn every day as well as after that special event is over.  Worn back to the office, to drink with friend and to dinner parties. Casual chic style. 

Our styles can be worn with beautiful jewelry, sexy nylons, heels, pretty clutches, purses. Dressy enough for a party or weeding and then again to the office with a blazer or cardigans, simple legging, leather boots, to jeans jackets or blazers. Why not look nice all the time. 

We love playing around with looks different tops and skirts or pants as well, just think that most times, in the morning when you are in a rush to get to work, or just get dresses, a dress is the easiest and quickest way to look great.  Just need to add comfortable nylons, opaque in the colder months sheer in the lighter months and none in the summer months et voila! Your look is done.

That is the core of our brand. We don’t want our customers to only have options for a “5-hour dress” when they can do so much more with their item.

To start, we try and place pockets in all our styles, only because I would be buying a phone every month if I did not do that myself.

We make them comfortable, fits are generous and our obsession, always have a small percentage of stretch for all our woven fabrics, even when the dress doesn’t look like there is an elastic at the waist and is woven, non-stretch fabric, we have a hidden 3 to 4 inch elastic hidden at the center back,  for after that great super you just shared with your friends and family and do not need to change into something more comfortable, you already are in something more comfortable.



ONZE MONTRÉAL - Notre Philosophie

Nous aimons la polyvalence et nous pensons à tout. Lorsque nous créons nos collections, nous pensons toujours d'abord à nos clientes. Nous voulons que vous tiriez le maximum de votre achat. Nous créons donc des styles faciles à porter après les vacances. Porté au bureau, à un 5 à 7 avec des amis, jusqu’au resto.

Nos styles peuvent être portés avec de beaux bijoux, bas nylon sexy, talons, jolies pochettes, sacs à main. Assez habillé pour une fête ou un désherbage, puis au bureau avec un blazer ou un cardigan, un simple legging, des bottes en cuir, un blouson ou un blazer. Pourquoi ne pas être belle tout le temps. Vous n'avez pas besoin d'une occasion pour porter une robe. Une robe est le vêtement le plus facile à porter.