Dress for Spring 2019
Fresh Fashion Ideas to Brighten up Your Wardrobe

March 27 2019 – Annie V

Dress for Spring 2019 <br/>Fresh Fashion Ideas to Brighten up Your Wardrobe
Dress for Spring 2019
Fresh Fashion Ideas to Brighten up Your Wardrobe

Spring is finally here! It’s high time to shake off the winter sluggishness and whisk away those heavy wool outfits into the nether regions of your wardrobe. This is the season to let loose with some good old spring fashion fun.

With the expected abrupt arrival of warmer weather this year, it’s time to make room for some casual and carefree outfits this season. Lighten up your wardrobe and OOTDs with some of these fabulous spring fashion pieces and tips!


Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to wait for the summer to take that gorgeous dress off the rack and into the streets. Knee-length midis to floor-sweeping maxis heralding the warmer months while protecting against residual winter chills are the quintessential choice of this transitional season.

Dresses are versatile. One piece can be styled in a variety of ways and for more than one occasion. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with a single dress and a smidge of creativity:

  • Evening wear - Dresses boast elegance either flying solo or with a few choice accessories. The simplest designs can be perfect for dinners, parties, or formal gatherings like weddings. Elevate the look with an elegant coat and a few accessories. Earrings, a small purse, or a gold watch can work magic.
  • Office - Whether you have plans to go out after work or you want to look especially chic at the office, a dress can work wonders for your day. For a more professional look, you can cover up with a blazer or wear a laced camisole underneath if your dress has a low-cut neckline.
  • Casual Weekends - A cardigan and some flats will make your dress fit for a relaxing weekend out in the town. This outfit is a great fashion statement whether you’re going out for an exciting day with friends or planning some downtime at a cafe.


Here are a few choice tops that are perfect for the season:

  • Button-Down Shirts - The right button-down classic shirt or shirt dress can make the difference between fashion-forward and fashion faux pas. Keep those stiff and structured button-downs in your closet. To match the air of the season, think “light and breezy” -- loose shirts made of soft crepe chiffon and airy cotton.
  • Blouse - Hit the springtime air with a selection of cute, feminine blouses. Show some skin while looking all sorts of classy with an off-the-shoulder top. Add a touch of whimsy to your day with ruffles, puffed sleeves, or even a bit of lace.
  • T-shirt dresses - For an easy-going and effortless look that exudes comfort, opt for T-shirt dresses. Select one that fits well and is not too long or too loose. It should not go below the knee and should accentuate your feminine assets. You can wear it by itself or with some tight-fitting bottoms.

Complement your chosen look with tights, jeans, or a midi skirt. If you prefer a short-sleeved or a sleeveless top, cover up with a cardigan or blazer. When the weather warms up, you can forego the outer layer altogether.


Early spring can still get chilly; and when April comes along, it brings with it those unpredictable spring showers. Keep yourself warm with some fashionable outerwear. Don a jacket or cardigan to keep it casual, a blazer for an office-ready look, or a trench coat for a femme fatale vibe. Steer clear from oversized trenches, and choose a knee-length one for a better, more elegant fit.


Spring might be a tad too early to start wearing micro-minis, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still flaunt your legs. Show some skin with a knee-length pencil or A-line skirt, or showcase the shapeliness of your legs with form-fitting tights, jeans, or capris.

For a more comfortable getup, you might opt for long and flowy, like a maxi skirt, wide-leg culottes, or (to jazz it up with some retro fashion) a pair of flares.


Winter is over! We can finally ditch the heavy boots and embrace some glam, or don some more laid-back footwear like:

  • Wedges - Accentuate your legs with a pair of trendy wedges. Offering more comfort than stiletto heels, while giving a slight boost in height, wedges go perfectly with flowy spring dresses.
  • Flats and sandals - Simple and elegant, flats and sandals are the perfect comfort-wear for transitioning into the warmer months.
  • Sneakers - A pair of white sneakers or boat shoes will complement your athleisure outfit perfectly.


Often, it’s the little personal touches that make an outfit truly your own. Accessorize your look with:

  • Sunglasses - Rock the spring with a pair of oversized sunglasses. “Oversized,” however, doesn’t mean going over the top. When choosing the right sunglasses, be sure the size is proportionate, and the shape complements the size and shape of your face.
  • Berets - Trendy and versatile, berets are a fantastic choice for any season. Worn rightly, they add oomph to outfits and can turn the simplest getup into a runway-worthy ensemble.
  • Scarves - Is it chilly out? We say there is a scarf for every season, even spring and summer. Wrap a neckerchief or full-sized scarf around your neck. Scarves are a classic accessory that adds a level of sophistication -- not to mention some much-needed warmth.
  • Miniature bags - A minimalist choice to balance the flamboyant nature of the season, miniature bags are in this spring.

Additional Tips to Maximize Your Look:

At a loss when it comes to patterns and colours? Here are a few tips for you.

  • Have fun with layers - Besides being a practical choice for the season, layering with a coat or a jacket adds depth to your look. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but keep it simple. When it comes to layers, a little goes a long way.
  • Go bold with colour - Make your OOTD pop with a burst of colour -- think turquoise, fuschia, and lemon. If your look is more down-to-earth and you want to add some stand-out gorgeousness, add bright pastels to make it pop.
  • Play with patterns and prints - This spring, go for broke and show off your playful nature. Be daring with bold graphic prints, wide contrasting stripes, and patchwork pieces. Exude femininity with some classic florals, or get a little quirky with the tropical variety. For downplayed sophistication, opt for classic plaids. Experiment with tie-dye pieces -- a fashion upstart that’s taking the runway by storm. You can go all out with patterns and prints, or accentuate the flourish and flair with solid colours.

Saunter into the spring season armed with these catwalk-ready ideas. Be your own brand of trendy and try out different styles and combinations ‘till you land on a look that is undeniably you.

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