Chelsea Alyssa: A Force of Fashion

April 28 2019 – Annie Vanlian

Chelsea Alyssa: A Force of Fashion
Chelsea Alyssa: A Force of Fashion

Meet Chelsea Lanthier -- a 25-year-old fashion blogger and hairstylist. Her love for beauty and fashion, as well as her drive to touch the lives of others, has motivated her to take up the art of blogging.

Known as Chelsea Alyssa to her followers, this fashion-forward blogger flaunts her impeccable sense of style through various social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Blogspot. Here she shares trendy fashion tips and showcases her collection of stunning outfits including different pieces from ONZE MONTRÉAL.

Find out a little more about this vivacious trendsetter.

A Role Model - in Life and Fashion

As a fashion blogger, Chelsea Alyssa’s goals go beyond dressing up and exhibiting the latest outfit of the day. She also aims to be a positive role model who touches the lives of others. Through her posts, she wishes to share her joys and struggles, letting others know that they are not alone.

The spark that inspired her to start blogging was ignited when she stumbled upon Lookbook at the age of 15. Lookbook is a website dedicated entirely to fashion. It was through this platform that she discovered some of her favourite bloggers including Keiko Lynn and Bonnie Barton of Flashes of Style.

Through their posts, Chelsea Alyssa learned about the ways of fashion and, more importantly, was able to partake in both the happiest and most difficult moments in their lives. To her, they became role models. “I felt a real connection to them that made me want to be that person for someone else,” she says.

She follows them still and hopes to pay it forward by offering both guidance and fashion advice to others.


Chelsea Alyssa looks stunning in a straight-cut knee-length red dress accented by a wide-brimmed hat and stockings. For the blogger, the outfit is not complete without the gorgeous minimalist camel coat that she claims “goes with everything.” She defines this combination as the perfect getup for “dinner with [the] girls or an evening out for cocktails.”

Overall, the look is reminiscent of a film noir femme fatale -- a fitting image for a confident go-getter willing to set a strong and positive example for other young women everywhere.

The Simple Life

Chelsea Alyssa lives in Ottawa, Ontario with her fiancé, Tim, and her dog, Goose. Between her struggles with finding work-life balance and the occasional binge-watching on Netflix, she enjoys the simple turning of the seasons.

In the spring, one of her favourite things to do in the city is going to the outdoor market places. “I love seeing all the bright, colourful fresh fruits and vegetables, the handmade soaps, and different authentic dishes made proudly by families,” she says. “It brings on a wonderful euphoric feeling that summer is just around the corner."


Dressed in a light gray polka dot dress and a brown coat, Chelsea Alyssa complements the muted colours with bright red boots to rock that sultry look. The dress is made out of a soft fabric that exudes comfort and can be worn the whole day long. “Us ladies know that not all dresses, no matter how cute, can stand up to that sort of comfort,” she says.

The outfit is a blend of simplicity and sophistication -- perfect for a lazy day. With this look, you can walk around, go shopping, grab lunch, or sit at a cafe while still looking fabulous.

Chelsea Alyssa enjoys a leisurely walk around the city during the summer, saying how the activity makes her feel as if the season would last forever. One of her fondest memories is walking around the Glebe on a hot sunny day with her mother and sister. She recalls how they would go in and out of shops “sipping on an iced tea from David’s Tea, having chips and salsa at Feleenas.”

She also loves a good iced coffee or iced latte on a hot summer day and frequents some of her favourite shops to get her fix. “For a good old fashioned iced coffee, The Ministry of Coffee (particularly the Hintonburg location) wins this one for me,” she says, “For something a bit fancier, I’m tied between Morning Owl or Origin. Both places I order an iced vanilla latte, and they’re equally bold and sweet.”


Chelsea Alyssa ups the charm with this beautiful brown printed dress. “This dress was so freaking cute!” she says “It had little puppies all over it [and] has the cutest silhouette.”  The brown leather boots add depth while the pastel overcoat softens the tough-girl look and primes this outfit for a relaxing afternoon sipping tea or coffee and munching on scones at the nearest local cafe.

Fashion Go-To

What’s a fashion blogger without a lifeline to her favourite fashion pieces?

In Montréal, she turns to ONZE MONTRÉAL. “I absolutely adore all the clothing at Onze!”  The fashion blogger considers them to be well-crafted and accentuated by a variety of complementary details so each outfit is sure to stand out. Also, she notes how each piece is versatile and designed for comfort owing to the softness of the fabrics used. “They’re both super cute to wear on the weekend dressed down, but also super easy to dress up for a day at work or a fun night out!” she says.

You can follow Chelsea Alyssa on her social media pages if you’re looking for fashion advice or amazing ideas for your next outfit of the day.

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